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2024, Our 28th year

2023, Our 27th year


2021, Our 25th year









  • April/May 2014
    Larry Turner: Whistler-Blackcomb, B.C., Skiing, Bobsledding and Ziplining
    Vicki Hoelfing Andersen: Abandoned Cities of Chiapas, Mexico
    Ted and George Blishak: Our Childhood Model Engine Comes to Life; Driving a Real F-7A Locomotive!
    Lee Juillerat: A Zippy-Quick Blend of Past and Present in Park Cith, Utah
    Tassajara Zen Mountain Center Summer 2014 Guest Schedule
  • February/March 2014
    Larry Turner: Mammoth, Eureka Dunes, The Ancient Bristlecones
    Lynn Rosen: Exploring Biloxi, Mississippi, on the Gulf Coast
    Lee Juillerat: Taking the Plunge; Skiing Mammoth Mountain
    Ted and Sylvia Blishak: Rail Byways of California and Oregon
    Yvette Cardozo: Kosrae Island, Micronesia
    Julie Gangler: Malta: Megalithic Mysteries to the Knights of St. John, by Julie Gangler
    Tassajara Zen Mountain Center summer 2014 guest schedule


  • December 2013/January 2014
    Lee Juillerat: Day Tripping in the Canadian Rockies
    Ted and Sylvia Blishak: Fixing Our Busted Vacation to the National Parks
    Vicki Hoefling Andersen: Chiapas, or How I Spent Three Days as an Illegal in Mexico
    Lynn Rosen: Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail book review: I Promise Not to Suffer by Gail Storey
    Larry Turner: Red Mountain, British Columbia "So Good It's Bad"
    Les Furnanz: Ideal French Tour: Rivera to Alsace
    Yvette Cardozo: Icelandic Traditional Food
  • October/November 2013
    Lee Juillerat: Cave Squirming and Slithering
    Ted and Sylvia Blishak: People You Meet on a Train
    Vicki Hoefling Andersen: The Oregon Zoo
    Lynn Rosen: The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies
    Larry Turner: Hawaii...the Big Island...with my Son
    Julie Gangler: Hiking the Montaña above Machu Picchu
    Yvette Cardozo: Ski Sun Peaks with Ski Sisters
  • August/September 2013
    Lynn Rosen: San Francisco - Open Your Golden Gates
    American Youth Circus in Seattle

    Lee Juillerat: Visiting Machu Picchu
    Edy Hendersen: Elegance on Rails High in the Andes
    Vicki Hoefling Andersen: Vacation Commandments
    Larry Turner: Oregon Project Day Shoot + 30 July 15, 2013
    The Mountain Collective™ and Protect Our Winters (POW) Announce Innovative Partnership
    Yvette Cardozo: Farm to Table
  • June/July 2013
    Ted and Sylvia Blishak: Steam Over Glass at the Grand Canyon Railway
    Larry Turner: Honolulu, Hawaii: The Ultimate Relaxation with Plenty of Adventure
    Vicki Hoefling Andersen: Ancient Cities of the Rio Bec, Mexico Part 2
    Lee Juillerat: Hiking Alberta's Skyline Trail
    Yvette Cardozot: Churchill Winter Adventure
  • April/May 2013
    Lynn Rosen: The Northern Lights of Churchill, Manitoba
    Ted and Sylvia Blishak: Where Does Sunlight Shine on the Coast Starlight
    Larry Turner: SPRINGTIME in Unique and Fascinating Douglas' Gadsden/Bisbee, AZ (Part 2)
    Vicki Hoefling Andersen: Travels with Truffles
    Lee Juillerat: A Different Kind of Cabin Fever
    Julie Gangler: From Boeing Dreamliner to Vintage Aircraft at Paine Field
  • February/March 2013
    Lee Juillerat: Phantasmagorical Ice Formations; Visiting Lava Beds National Monument in Winter
    Larry Turner: Old Baldy and Ski Town USA; Idaho Skiing in the Embrace of History
    Lynn Rosen: Adventure book: Camping Washington by Steve Giordano
    Ted, George and Sylvia Blishak: Our Family's First Road Trip to Washington, DC, August, 1952
    Vicki Hoefling Andersen: Keen on Kirkwood, California
    Yvette Cardozo: Adventure Eating in Cambodia


  • December 2012/January 2013
    Larry Turner: Big Island Hawaii
    Vicki Hoefling Andersen: The Maori: Life in the Ring of Fire
    Lee Juillerat: Lucky Sevens in Tahoe: Seven ski areas in seven days
    Lynn Rosen: Adventure books: Anything Worth Doing and The Adventurer's Guide to a Happy Life
    Ted and Sylvia Blishak: Ted and Tony's Excellent Adventures
    as told to Les Furnanz: It Didn't Get Away! Ossie's Oregon Fish Story
    Yvette Cardozo: Castle Mountain Resort, Alberta
    Steve Giordano: An "Experimental" Flight
    Sally McKinney: On Safari in Tanzania


  • October/November 2012
    Vicki Hoefling Andersen: The Maya and 2012; a New Beginning
    Lynn Rosen: Red and White Skiing in British Columbia
    Lee Juillerat: Lessons learned at New Zealand's Milford Sound
    Sylvia Blishak: A Steam Engine for Christmas
    Larry Turner: Burning Man 2012, a photo essay
    Yvette Cardozo: Eat Street, Richmond BC
    Habeeb Salloum: A Journey to Nizwa - Oman's Historic Capital Turned Into a Tourist Mecca
    Upcoming: A Snomobile Safari into the Remote Arctic Wilderness of Northern Canada
  • August/September 2012
    Larry Turner: Summer Adventuring in the Steens Mountains
    Lee Juillerat: Crater Lake Summer Delights
    Ted and Sylvia Blishak: Canada's 21st Century Railroad Tycoon and Rocky Mountaineer Vacations
    Steve Giordano: Luxury Winter Mountain Adventures
    Yvette Cardozo: Cavern SCUBA Diving in Riviera Maya, Mexico
  • June/July 2012
  • April/May 2012
    DISCOVERING HISTORIC JACKSONVILLE, and the Applegate Wine Trail, by Lee Juillerat…..EXPLORING THE NOTHIN'S OUT THERE ROAD: Part 1, by Ted and Sylvia Blishak…..SPRING SKIING AND DESERT RATTIN'…having fun in the snow and sun: Spring in the West, by Larry Turner…..COME HOME TO LAKE TAHOE: Homewood/Alpine Meadows/Squaw Valley/Granlibakken, by Lynn Rosen and Steve Giordano…..TIMBERLINE LODGE, OREGON, by Vicki Andersen…..BLUNDERING INTO BETHLEHEM, by Yvette Cardozo
  • February/March 2012
    Rotorua: Adventure Capital of New Zealand's North Island…..The Second Longest Day: Summer in New Zealand…..A New Year's Story about One of the World's Greatest Travelers…..Skijoring…..Mammoth Mountain: No Snow? No Problem!…..Non-Ski Adventure in Park City, Utah…..The Richard Petty Driving Experience at Walt Disney World…..A Great French Mix: Toulouse, Armagnac, La Rochelle, Guerande, Amboise…..Book Review: Snowmobile: Bombardier's Dream Machine

  • December 2011/January 2012
    Keep Portland Weird, by Lynn Rosen....Alaska's Fur-ry Winter Rendezvous, by Vicki Andersen....Sick Days in Idaho - Getting Healthy on the Slopes, by Lee Juillerat....Lutsen Mt. Minnesota: Winter Pleasures in the North Country, by Larry Turner....Westerdam at Sea - How to Lose a Pound a Day, by Ted Blishak....African Safari, Journey of a Lifetime, by Diana Hunt....I Climbed Huangshan Mountain Like the Emperors of Old, by Habeeb Salloum....Aventura Amarosa Portuguésa (Portuguese Romance), by Les Furnanz....


  • October/November 2011
    Carson City, Nevada- It's All About Trains, by Ted and Sylvia Blishak...Fiji: Experiences in Paradise, by Vicki Andersen...The Next 15 Minutes by Kim Kircher, reviewed by Lynn Rosen and Steve Giordano...Ski Food (Good for Snowboarders Too), by Yvette Cardozo...Training Brumbies in Australia's Outback, by Cheryl Clarke...

  • August/September 2011
    Music of Acadiana - The Savoy Cajun Band; The First Family of Cajun Music, by Lynn Rosen...Wild and Mild - Touring Glacier National Park, by Lee Juillerat...Fiji - Experiences in Paradise, by Vicki Andersen...Big Empty—America's Outback, by Larry Turner...The Railroad Tycoon and the St. Kitts Scenic Railway, by Ted and Sylvia Blishak...
  • June/July 2011
    Exploring Fiji with Captain Cook, by Vicki Andersen...Visiting the Home of the Champs at AT&T Field, by Lee Juillerat...Roatan Island, Honduras, by Larry Turner...The Colorado Outback on the Rio Grand Scenic Railroad, by Sylvia and Ted Blishak...Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler (Let the Good Times Roll) - Zydeco music in Louisiana, by Lynn Rosen...Smokey Mountains a Grumpy Old Man? by Diana Hunt...Florida Panhandle Seafood, by Yvette Cardozo...Juneau Jaunts, by Les Furnanz
  • April/May 2011
    Spring in Bisbee, Arizona by Larry Turner...Everything but the Skiing at Big Sky and Moonlight Basin, by Lynn Rosen...LaPlata, Missouri, is Train Central for Railfans, by Sylvia Blishak...Skiing Big Sky and Moonlight Basin, Montana, by Lee Juillerat...Sendai and Susie, Memories of Pre-Quake Japan, by Lee Juillerat...Cross-Country Skiing in British Columbia; Snowshoeing Too, by Marina Knez, BC Nordic
  • February/March 2011
    Skiing Montana's Small Four, by Lee Juillerat...Vermont's von Trapp Family's Sounds of Winter, by Larry Turner...Mammoth Mountain and Snowcreek Resort, by Lynn Rosen...Snowmobiling Moon Country, Oregon, by Vicki Hoefling Andersen...Mainau the Flower Island, by Janet Farnsworth...Ted and Tony Tackle Ten Trains and Trolleys, by Ted Blishak
  • December 2010/January 2011
    Celebrating Day of the Dead in Mexico…Tasty times and some skiing in Washington State's Apple Capital…Winter travel pleasures Montana style…Vancouver Island's Scenic Byway and two grand hotels on the Olympic Peninsula…Tolting into darkness in Iceland…Napa Valley Wine Train

  • October/November 2010
    Vancouver Island's Pacific Marine Circle Route (for cars) & the Saanich Peninsula, by Lynn Rosen...Burning Man 2010 photo essay, by Larry Turner...Grizzly Times in California's Trinity Alps, by Lee Juillerat...Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, by Carolyn Dale...Sentimental Journey on a Silver Train, by Ted and Sylvia Blishak...Ancient Cities of the Rio Bec, Mexico, by Vicki Andersen
  • August/September 2010
    Oregon's Underworld: Exploring Oregon Caves National Monument…Black Canyon of the Gunnison River…Georgetown Loop Railroad at 145 Years Old…Bicycle Technology Then and Now…From the Sierra Nevada to the Mojave Desert: 125 survival miles on foot…One Mountain Thousand Summits: The Untold Story and Tragic Heroism on K2
  • June/July 2010
    Tucson, Land of Heat, Blooms, Explorations...Paddling Glacier Bay, Alaska, in a "See" Kayak...Birding in Columbia...Isla Mujeres: The Island of Women...My Impossible Dream: Getting High on a 21st Century Zeppelin...Norway Cruise
  • April/May 2010
    Belizean Dreams: Hopkins Bay...A Geological Loop through Oregon Cascades History...The Rogue River Trail: Hiking, rafting and always eating...Guadalajara Adventure: Language and Culture Immersion...Greenland: Hot Times in a Cool Place...Hiking Malawi's Mt. Mulanje...Manatau & Pike's Peak Railway
  • February/March 2010
    Temezcal Sweat Lodge - Mexican style...Snowshoeing the Onion River - Walking on water near Lutzen, Minnesota...Wausau, Wisconsin and Granite Peak Skiing - Back to simpler times...Swiss Winter...Elegence on Rails High in the Andes...Uganda: Adventure Around the Edges...Five Weeks and 7,400 Miles - Circling the USA on AMTRAK...Eagle Island, the Ultimate Adventure...Sun Peaks, British Columbia


  • December/January 2010
    Sierra Leone, a Diamond in the Rough...Amsterdam to Berlin off the Beaten Track...Burning Man, Part 2, Photo essay...Savoring Santiago...Sleeping Lady Resort, Leavenworth, Washington...Skiing the Volcano: Mt. Bachelor, Oregon...The Great Wall of China: One of the New Seven Wonders of the World...Tico Rips the Carpet (humor)
  • October/November
    The Highlands of Guatemala...Tulalip Resort Casino...Black Hole (travel fiction)...Kayaking the Na Pali Coast...African High Adventure, Luxury Style...Burning Man Photoessay, Part 1...
    Mackinac Island, Michigan...Stuck in Ashland (humor)
  • August/September
    UnNamed, USA (Personal camping spot)...Hiking in Zion National Park, Utah...Outdoor Adventures in North Vancouver, British Columbia...Summer Activities and Festivals at Crested Butte, Colorado...Gym is a Jungle (humor)
  • June/July
    Umpqua Wines...Minneapolis Art Scene...The Great Wallendas (Training a 10-year-old star), The Northern Oregon Coast...As the Worm Turns (humor)
  • April/May
    Belize Part 2: The Eastern Edge...Zermatt Resort, Utah...Mount Washington Resort, New Hampshire...Skiing Mt. Bachelor, Oregon...Mind Your Words (humor)
  • February/March
    Snowmobiling West Yellowstone...Snakebite Medicine (Snake River Wineries Tour)...Skiing Smuggler's Notch, Vermont...Whistler-Blackcomb's New Peak 2 Peak Gondola...A Last Resort (humor)


  • December/January
    Snowmobiling, A Marriage of Man and Machine...Northwest Hot Springs...Return to Loon Mountain...Biking and Gliding, One Day In and Around Houston, Texas...A Last Resort (humor)
  • October/November
    Halloween in Paradise...Soaking on Hart Mountain...Burning Man 2008...The Mitzva...Cardboard Conumdrum (humor).

    Digging Ancient Dirt: The John Day Fossil Beds...Pedaling the Panhandle: Gling Slow in the Fast Lane...Cycle Zydeco...Lake Oswego: Oregon's Hike-Oar-Bike Paradise.
  • June/July
    Ah, Ambrosia: Oystering in Winchester Bay...Olympicugene, OR, 2008 and Beyond...Nordic Walking...Wanted: Snake Wrangler (humor).

  • April/May Creation of the Cascade Mountains...Tamarack: America's Newest Ski Resort...Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge...The Lake Chelan Area in Winter; Traveling the Rogue...From the Cascades to the Smart Fortwo...Why Panama?...A Tale of rainforests, death-bridges and mud...Saddle Sore Bum Baum (humor).
  • February/March
    Skiing the Mammoth...Checking Olympic Venues at Whistler Mountain...Lake Tahoe Winter Photo Essay...Victoria: Walk, Paddle and Pedal the Day Away...Solvang/Santa Barbara...British Columbia Ski Story...Sweet Saturdays.



  • December/January
    Otherworldly Times in Chile; Idaho Heliskiing; Two-Wheel RVing; Utah: Skiing Like The Locals
  • October/November
    Backpacking in Patagonia; Rio La Pasion...Northern Guatemala; Discovering Crete...Greece's Largest Isle; Burning man...Photo Essay; Weight for me (humor).

  • August/September
    Mountain Biking in Santiago, Chile; Chile's Ruta de Vino; Oahu-the Gathering Place; Surprise Valley, California; Ionian Sailing Odyssey with YouTube video.
  • June/July
    Mountain Biking in Philadelphia; Skiing in New Zealand; Belize: The Western frontier: Eugene, Oregon: City of Art and the Outdoors; Lapping it up: The Indianapois 500 (humor).

  • April/May The Lake Chelan Area in Winter; Traveling the Rogue...From the Cascades to the Ocean; Roaming Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula; The Magnificient Charlevoi Region of Quebec...and its Whales; The Unshaken Bond (movie review, humor).
  • February/March
    Mardi Gras in Cajun Country; Up, Up and Away; Chateau Lake Louise; Grand Targhee, Jewel of the Tetons; The Dolphin's surge?


  • December/January
    Easter Island Story; Olympic Style Skiing, Big Mountain, Montana; Alaska Snowmobiling; Norway in a Nutshell; Provence to Munich.

  • October/November
    South Warner Mountains; Get Ready for Summer, New Zealand Style; The Audi Experience at Road Atlanta; Victoria, British Columbia; Hardware Euphoria, getting all the wrong parts.
  • August/September
    Colorado Springs, CO;Kauai Quest; Black Rock Desert; Exploring Juneau Alaska, Tip-Top Tarp.
  • June/July
    Renaissance Faires; Canada's Castle, Banff Springs Hotel; Cabo by the Tail; Flat Stanley; La Dolce Vita.
  • April/May
    Wolves in Yellowstone; Plush Diamonds of Eastern Oregon; Quebec City, Canada; Lords of the Peten, Guatemala
  • February/March
    Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort; Skiing at SnowBasin; Coeur d'Alene; Road to Hana











  • December
    Canadian Rockies X-C skiing; Caribbean theme cruising; Kirkwood Ski Resort
  • November
    Utah's Alta and Snowbird ski areas; Granada, Spain; Salema, Algarve Coast, Portugal
  • September/October
    Napa Valley, California; Cotswold Hills, England; Rome, Italy
  • August
    Montana's Biking Pioneers; France's Riviera; Austria's Salzburg
  • July
    Riding the rails; Vermont canoeing; Umbrian Hill Towns: Orvieto, CivitÓ di Bagnoregio
  • June
    Lopez Island, San Juans, WA; Old Quebec City, Canada; Romantic Road, Germany
  • May
    Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camps; Columbia River Gorge; York, England; Italy's Cinque Terre
  • April
    France's Alps; Caribbean's St. Barth; Oregon's Mt. Hood powder skiing
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