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Snorkle gear on blanket
Beachgoers take a break from snorkeling. Courtesy Seaview
Seaview gear, mask, tube and fins, ready to go.


Snorkeling, summertime and vacations all go together and that cozy trio is fast approaching. Snorkelers need gear and that gear is usually pretty simple - a mask, a breathing tube and a pair of fins. Seaview
has a better idea for that simple gear - package everything in its own carrying pouch and design everything for lightweight travel.

Snorkeling Safety Tips

Snorkeling is a fun and amazing experience. Millions of people snorkel every year without incident, and when done carefully, it’s a safe activity. Here are some tips to make your snorkeling with Seaview equipment fun and safe.


*Never snorkel alone.
*Be aware of conditions.
*Control your breathing - deep, slow breaths.
*Be physically prepared.
*be familiar with your gear.
*Stay hydrated.
*Know your limits and be careful.
*Don’t snorkel under the influence.

Seaview Kradan Mask and Snorkel Set $39.99
Seaview Rawa Travel Fins $39.99
The two packaged together $63.98
Seaview Beach Towel $39.99


For more information, visit the website at https://www.seaview180.com/

Each piece of the Seaview snorkel
gear has its own carrying pouch.
  Mosquito biting   Mosquito biting  
Mosquitoes can be more than just pests. They can also carry disease.
Photo by Jimmy Chan/Pexels
Photo by Ravi Kant/Pexels

In our last edition of High On Adventure (March/April, 2022), writer/photographer Lee Juillerat shared an bite-y-itchy tale about mosquitoes - Almost Season for Skitters. He calls them skitters. Well, the season’s getting closer and we just may have a solution.

Yes, these insects are a nuisance. But mosquitoes can also carry dangerous and potentially deadly diseases - dengue fever, yellow fever, West Nile fever, and Zika. Your pets can also become infected.
Traditional methods of pest control such as chemical sprays are harmful to the environment, to people, to animals and to useful insects as well.

Mosquito trap
  A safe and quite effective alternative to chemical pest control is a simple and innovative solution called INZECTO Mosquito Trap. Developed at the University of Florida and funded by the Pentagon to protect deployed American soldiers, here’s how it works - and you don’t need a degree in chemistry to do this!  
INZECTO mosquito traps are designed for prevention at the beginning of the season.

Unwrap the devices, just add tap water and place always upright or hang from trees or other structures 30 feet apart in a shaded area.

Attracted to the shape, color, water and food source inside, the female mosquitoes buzz inside to feed, then lay their eggs. Those who survive the adulticides on the interior coating, lay their eggs. The larvae are then killed by the larvicide (pyriproxyfen) which is released in the water.

Two traps placed about 30 feet apart cover 3,00 square feet - perfect for a backyard patio, barbeque or garden party area. The INZECTO Mosquito Trap is completely safe to use around kids, pets and wildlife and is effective for three months.

Mosquito trap brochure
Mosquito trap
Female mosquitoes are attracted by the red/black coloring.
Insecticides are located ONLY on the inside to prevent human and pet contact.

A package of two traps: $20.95 each ($41.90, plus shipping)

For more information, visit https://www.inzecto.com/

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