Great Ideas for a Perfect Family Vacation in Times of Health Crisis
Rebecca Brown
High on Adventure, November 2020

Great Ideas for a Perfect Family Vacation in Times of Health Crisis

Ideas for a perfect family vacation in times of health crisis

How safe is it to go on a family vacation?

Everywhere around the world, families are struggling to find an answer to this question. The holiday season is just around the corner, but the Covid-19 pandemic is still changing our daily lives.

As you probably already know, one of the most badly hit industries is tourism. Many cruise lines have canceled sailings, and thousands of hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, and tourist attractions around the globe are closed.

With international travel not being a viable option for many, the key is in thinking small. There are a lot of safe, minimal-contact options in and around your city - here are a couple of ideas:

Go Camping

In a time of health crisis, one of the safest vacation options is camping.

Keep in mind that many state and national parks are still not open to visitors. Therefore, it’s very important to check the destination’s website before you make any plans. There, you should be able to find out which services are open and which activities are permitted.

Obviously, the most significant benefit of camping in nature is that you won’t have to worry about the virus. There are many other advantages, though.

You and your family will be able to enjoy the fresh air and bond around the fireplace in the evening, even into the fall and coller months. Camping encourages an appreciation for nature, which is particularly important for the kids. Just make sure they’re not using their smartphones all the time!

Hike Together

Hike together

If camping isn’t adventurous enough for you, consider going on a hike.

This wholesome family activity reduces stress and boosts physical and mental health. You and your family will be “unplugging” together, far away from the city noise. What’s more, the chances of getting infected are close to zero!

However, keep in mind that hiking can be a lot more physically demanding than camping. Another important factor is adequate equipment. Proper hiking footwear is particularly important. After all, hiking is all about traversing long distances through rough terrain.

Moreover, you’ll have to ensure your children are safe and comfortable. They are at higher risk of cold and heat injury than adults, so choose your routes and distances carefully.

Take a Road Trip

Another great family vacation idea for this troubling time is to simply hit the road. Safe in the confines of your vehicle, you won’t have to worry about other people’s germs.

As we said in the beginning, the key is in thinking small - a great American road trip is out of the question. Right now, getting outside the city should be enough. Head through the little villages or visit the nearest nature reserve.

In case you’ll be traveling with children, make sure to take everything they might need. Bring your own disinfectants, as well as a credit card to avoid paying in cash. While you may stay in the car for most of the trip, taking some precautions is still important.

Visit the Countryside

Visit the countryside

In case no parks are open for camping and you can’t go on a hike, simply rent an RV and spend a few days in the countryside.

Find a nice, quiet place (like near a lake) and reconnect with your family away from the urban commotion. With no one around, you won’t be in danger of getting infected. Your kids will love the outdoors, even though the whole outing isn’t as adventurous as hiking around the hills.

Spice up the excursion with some barbeque, badminton, family games, and similar activities. Bring plenty of food and water, protect your little ones from sunburn - especially at altitude or in the snow - and bug bites, and spend a wonderful weekend in the countryside.

Have a Family Bike Ride

Having a family bike ride is a fantastic way of maintaining everyone’s health (and sanity) during these challenging times. In fact, some cities are experiencing massive booms in cycling - it’s one of the rare transportation methods that promote physical distancing.

If you don’t have your own bicycles, rent one for each family member and go on an adventure. To make it interesting, incorporate challenging climbs, tunnels, and bumpy off-road tracks. With a bit of planning, all of you will spend some quality time together on two wheels.

Turn the Vacation into Staycation

When everything else fails, have a staycation.

As it turns out, staycations are sometimes more fun than the actual vacations. The most important thing here is to do something that’s extra special - something you don’t do so often.

A combination of interesting activities is the best choice. Break out the old-school board games. Engage in at-home Olympics. Camp in your own backyard. The possibilities are endless!

Whatever you choose to do, keep in mind that you should still practice wearing masks and frequent hand washing. Vacations are great, but staying safe is still the priority.

I’m Rebecca Brown, a translator and avid traveler, a book worm and horror flick enthusiast. My job has given me the amazing opportunity to travel to dozens of countries around the world, and writing about my travels gives me a chance to try to showcase some of them.

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