Timothy Pilgrim
High on Adventure's Poet Laureate
Timothy Pilgrim

MAY/JUNE 2024,

By Timothy Pilgrim


(with a nod to Rick Popish, Alex Vouri & others)

Living in a living building
turns out to be disappointment,
suffocates whoever’s good life

I’m trying to lead. It’s a given,
intermission wine will be shitty —
but the mouth-breather beside me

in yoga class makes me want to drop
a bottle of juice at Whole Food,
see if it spews back, not forth. Forget

the china in mom’s sacred hutch
or inane fear of getting undressed
in front of the dog. Reality

is really out there — not different,
depending on whose point of view.
I’ll never wish to be shaded

by banjo strings or eager to kiss a stick
of butter. My eagle pose might suck
but I exhale through my nose, follow

each breath to peace — my pronouns
floating free, escaping rusty barbs
on the roof-top garden fence.

(published by Quibble Lit)






Mary Dale watercolor Mary Dale Watercolor

  Timothy Pilgrim, a native of Montana and retired university journalism professor living in Bellingham, WA, is a Pacific Northwest poet and 2018 Pushcart Prize nominee. His poems have been accepted more than 500 times by journals such as Toasted Cheese, Mad Swirl, Cirque, Santa Ana River Review, Windsor Review, Hobart, Otoliths and Prole Press in the U.S. Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. He is the author of Mapping water and Seduced by metaphor: Timothy Pilgrim collected published poems, which the back cover calls “a 10 on any Richter imagination scale.”