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MAY/JUNE, 2020 Vol 24 , No. 3 (OUR 24TH YEAR!)  
Lynn Rosen, Content Editor; Steve Giordano, Web Editor

HOA Editor’s Note: May/June 2020

We at High On Adventure recognize that life has changed for all of us since we planned this edition of our website. The coronavirus has shut down travel across the globe. In our world of adventure travel, plans are either on hold, have been amended or cancelled. Even local travel has been restricted and today’s adventures consist of going to the pharmacy or grocery, a walk or bike ride, a Zoom meeting for an exercise class or Happy Hour with friends and family.

The New York Times has cancelled its print version of their Travel section as they felt it was “out of step.” But instead of canceling our publication, we will continue to bring you some of our recent adventures along with some relevant stories that address our current circumstances in the hopes that our brave and stunning writers can bring you information to make your present travel disruptions more manageable and your future travel plans richer and more sensible and secure.

We had planned on publishing one of our guest writers’ story on his cruise trip around the tip of Africa. Since the CDC has issued a “No Sail Order” for cruise ships until further notice, we will hold his story until that order is lifted. Instead, he wrote an informative piece about his experience going through numerous trip cancellations, postponements and refunds with links to helpful sources for anyone faced with these kinds of issues. A number of other of our writers have shared their crisis experiences as well.

At press time, we know that the COVID-19 situation is still unfolding. We hope that our stories being you some armchair travel delights and prepare you for whatever roadblocks you might encounter along your highways. Stay home, be well, wear your masks when you must go out, and wash those paws. We’ll be back again in July when we all hope we can safely go out and explore a bit farther from home.


Death Valley flower



Bicycling with mask on



Social distancing on Flathead Lake, Montana


A Visit Cut Short by the Coronavirus
by Lee Juillerat


Smoothing out the Bumpy Roads with the Kinekt Seatpost by Steve Giordano

by Larry Turner


Even a shortened visit to Death Valley National Park was life- affirming. There’s much we did see, and even more left to see. Maybe next year.

The better part of biking wisdom is to stick to wide neighborhood streets and main roads with bike lanes. That avoids any risk of close encounters.


I am still able to adventure as I live in a very small farming community with access close by to some amazing places.


Working on spreadsheet


Abu Dhabi sand duning


Booking center


A Spreadsheet Is Essential To Track Travel Cancellations, Changes, Refunds and Credit
by Brad Hathaway



After coronavirus: When is it safe to travel again?

© by Christopher Elliott


We were looking forward to a travel-packed year. Now with everything cancelled, dealing directly with hotels, rental car companies and sponsors of classes and conferences can be a very mixed bag.

Habeeb Salloum's spirit is kept alive by his daughters completing his unfinished travel adventure stories. They often accompanied him on his many travels. "Soon we would be driving through a region of blowing sand – once crossed only by poverty-stricken Bedouins eking out a bare existence in an arid wasteland."



NOT when politicians say so. Instead, heed the words of health officials. "They are the experts," says Alison Hickey, president of Kensington Tours. "When they feel the time is right, they will lift the restrictions on international travel."



Barbados bartender



by Yvette Cardozo



In these times of sequestering at home, many aficionados may enjoy some new and interesting pastimes such as reading about the lore of rum and tasting its many iterations.

They told us it would be a rum cocktail competition. And indeed, it was ... if you can picture Master Chef team challenge chaos.





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