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APRIL/MAY 2012 Vol 16 , No. 2  Lynn Rosen, Content Editor; 
Steve Giordano, Web Editor

  Runner with dog

DISCOVERING HISTORIC JACKSONVILLE, and the Applegate Wine Trail, by Lee Juillerat

Although I've frequently visited Jacksonville before a performance at the Britt Music Festival or returning from tastings at nearby Applegate Valley wineries, the Jacksonville Woodlands Trail had been an unknown......more


EXPLORING THE NOTHIN'S OUT THERE ROAD: Part 1, by Ted and Sylvia Blishak

"But there's nothin’ out there," said the red-haired waitress.  "Are you sure that road is paved? Fill your gas tank, and take water and food. I've heard there aren't any towns or even service stations along the way."...more

  Sierra Nevadas

SPRING SKIING AND DESERT RATTIN'…having fun in the snow and sun: Spring in the West, by Larry Turner
We like to hit the ski slopes first for several days of skiing, then trek to Death Valley for a week of camping and exploring. But the combinations are endless.  One can stay at Mammoth Lakes or Bishop and make ski and desert forays from there.....more

  Lake Tahoe

COME HOME TO LAKE TAHOE: Homewood/Alpine Meadows/Squaw Valley/Granlibakken, by Lynn Rosen and Steve Giordano 

Homewood bound, motoring across Lake Tahoe at dawn for a day of skiing at Homewood Mountain Resort, just across the road from the dock.....more



In 1937, the Works Progress Administration/Civilian Conservation Corps undertook a make-work project employing over 500 local men and women struggling through the Great Depression. These artisans, craftsmen and laborers created a stunning Cascadian-style lodge on the very breast of Mt. Hood....more

  Greek Orthodox priest


So we set out for Bethlehem, eight of us ... seven women and a token guy ... in two cars equipped with a GPS we promptly named Jezebel (this was, after all, the Holy Land). We were SUPPOSED to drive to the main checkpoint leading into Bethlehem on the West Bank, the Arab chunk of Israel......more



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