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Feature stories for the Adventurous Traveler
Stories by Lee Juillerat

FINDING BEAUTY AT HART MOUNTAIN - 'This is a Land to Possess and Embrace' July 2023



ADVENTURING IN AFRICA: Up Close and Personal with Wildlife January 2023

OLDER THAN METHUSELAH, Visiting the Bristlecone Ancients in the Great Basin November 2022




ALMOST THE SEASON FOR SKITTERS; Visiting the 'Grand Central Station' of Mosquitoes March 2022

CAPTURING ACTION AT RANCH RODEOS: Photographer Mary Hyde Preserves History January 2022

CLEAR CREEK, OREGON-CLEARLY DIFFERENT-Running Rapids Rubber Duckie Style November 2021

VISITING FORT ROCK AND ITS MUSEUM - Time Travel into the Not-So-Distant Past Sept. 2021

LIVING MEMORIAL SCULPTURE GARDEN,  Where War Veterans are Remembered July 2021

PLACES WORTH SLOWING DOWN FOR - Visiting Overlooked Towns and Places May 2021

HAVING THE HOTS FOR YACHATS (Gem of the Oregon Coast) Hiking, Sightseeing and - Yummers! Eating March 2021

KEW GARDENS: London's Amazing Botanical Kingdom January 2021

Hiking Close to Home: Backpacking in the Diamond Lake Wilderness November 2020

'Tis the Season at Crater Lake; When the Crowds Go Away It’s Time to Play September 2020

Moscow Memories; Red Square, Subway Art, Circus and River Cruise July 2020

Finding Life in Death Valley; A Visit Cut Short by the Coronavirus  May 2020

Enchanting Times in New Mexico; Skiing at Santa Fe, Taos and Angel Fire March 2020

Tales of Trails in Wales; Snowdon, Waterfalls, Coast and Castles January 2020

Days and Daze in Russia - Riding the Trans-Siberian Railway Part 2 November 2019

Days and Daze in Russia - Riding the Trans-Siberian Railway Part 1 September 2019

Experiencing Oregon's Crater Lake July 2019

Rafting Oregon's Illinois River May 2019

Magical Times in Utah: Skiing Salt Lake City's Fab Four March 2019

Inside Out at the Nation's Capitol: Plenty of Ways to Enjoy Washington, D.C. January 2019

Climbing Slovenia's Mount Triglav: The Best Sort of Whipping is the Reward for First-Timers November 2018

Snake Bit in Idaho: Heavenly Times in Hells Canyon September 2018

Backpacking the North Umpqua Waterfalls, Weeping Walls, and Wildflowers July 2018

Jumping Frogs, Redwoods, Caves, Museums and Hikes: Hop to it in California's Sierra Nevada Foothills May 2018

Whitewater's 20-Centimeter Rule: Going for Fresh Powder in British Columbia March 2018

Kayaking Haida Gwaii; Exploring a Land of Fascination January 2018

Joshua Tree National Park November 2017

Enchantments, Where Magic Takes Many Forms September 2017

Fast Times in Slovenia: Alpine Peaks, Amazing Caves, Mountain Villages July 2017

Capitol Times in Washington,D.C. May 2017

Bogus Basin, Idaho, Minutes from Boise March 2017

Cataract Canyon January 2017

In Search of Orcas; Kayaking in the San Juan Islands November 2016

Bizz Johnson Trail: Not So Busy Times on the Bizz: Mountain Biking the Bizz Johnson Trail September 2016

Canyonlands National Park: Threading The Needles and other hikes July 2016

Discoveries on California's Lost Coast Trail May 2016

Purcell Mountain Lodge, BC, Canada March 2016

Enjoying a Whale of a Time: Sharks, Wild Winds and a Little Kayak Yakking January 2016

Grand Way to the Grand Canyon: Enjoying the ride on the Grand Canyon Railway November 2015

Making Friends on the way to Mount Whitney August 2015

The Long Way to Mount Whitney: 23 Days and 230 Miles on the John Muir Trail May 2015

Wanderings in Venice; solving the pedestrian puzzle March 2015

CROATIAN SURPRISES, Walled Cities, Waterfalls, Roadside Stands January 2015

Bicycling the Islands of Croatia November 2014

Snaking Through Hells Canyon September 2014

Delicious Times at Cuzco's Mercado de San Pedro June 2014

A Zippy-Quick Blend of Past and Present in Park Cith, Utah April 2014

Taking the Plunge; Skiing Mammoth Mountain February 2014

Day Tripping in the Canadian Rockies December 2013

Cave Squirming and Slithering October 2013

Visiting Machu Picchu August 2013

Hiking Alberta's Skyline Trail June 2013

A Different Kind of Cabin Fever April 2013

Phantasmagorical Ice Formations; Visiting Lava Beds National Monument in Winter February 2013

Lucky Sevens In Tahoe: Seven ski areas in seven days December 2012

Wild and Mild - Touring Glacier National Park

Visiting the Home of the Champs - 1957 San Francisco Seals

Sendai and Susie, Memories of Pre-Quake Japan, April 2011

Skiing Big Sky and Moonlight Basin, Montana, April 2011

Montana Skiing & Soaking, February 2011

Tasty Times (and some skiing) in Washington State’s Apple Capital, December 2010

Grizzly Times in the Trinity Alps, October 2010

Exploring Oregon Caves National Monument, August 2010

Paddling Glacier Bay in a “See” Kayak, June 2010

The Rogue River: Hiking, Rafting and Eating, April 2010

Snowshoeing the Onion River, February 2010

Savoring Santiago, Chile, December 2009

Sea Kayaking the Na Pail Coast, October 2009

Hiking at Zion National Park, August 2009

High Art in Minneapolis, June 2009

Visiting a 50-Year-Old Bachelor: Winter in Central Oregon, April 2009

Snake Bite Medicine: Touring Idaho’s Snake River Wineries, February 2009

Northwest Hot Springs: Searching for the Perfect Soak, December 2008

The Heart of Hart: Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, October 2008

Pedaling the Panhandle in Idaho, August 2008

Oystering in Winchester Bay, June 2008

Tamarack: America’s Newest Ski Resort, April 2008

Olympic Venues at Whistler, February 2008

Otherworldly Times in Chile, December 2007

Backpacking Patagonia, October 2007

Chile’s Ruto de Vino, August 2007

Skiing in New Zealand, June 2007

Traveling the Rogue River: From the Cascades to the Ocean, April 2007

Up, Up and Away: Hot Air Balooning, February 2007

Olympic Style Skiing at Squaw Valley, December 2006

Get Ready for Summer, New Zealand Style, October 2006

Exploring Juneau, Alaska, August 2006

Sunshine, Sand and Solitude: Lower Baja California, June 2006

Searching for Sunstones on the Oregon Desert, April 2006

Where Olympians Chased Medals: Snowbasin, Utah, February 2006

Climbing Mount Shasta, December 2005

Chilling With Ice Wine, October 2005

Visiting Skaggggggg-way, August 2005

A Darker Side of History: Manzanar National Historic Site, June 2005

Austintatious Austin, Texas, April 2005

Peeking Out At Apex: Skiing in British Columbia, February 2005

Big White Ski Resort, December 2004

Thinking About Paris: The City of Lights, October 2004

Bodie, California, August 2004

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, June2004

Slammin’ Salmon: Northern California, April 2004

Playing With History in London, February 2003

Coming to My Senses in Glacier Bay, April 2002

Skiing British Columbia: Fernie and Kimberly, February 2002

Skiing New Mexico, December 2001

Sea Kayaking in Baja, California, October 2001

Tasty Times in Yukon, August 2001

Pity Poor Fargo: North Dakota’s Largest City, August 2001

History for the Ages: Southeastern Arizona, April 2001

Anchorage Winter Adventure, February 2001

Paradise Found: Swimming with Sea Turtles on Hawaii’s Big Island, December 2000

Traveling the Badlands in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, October 2000

Climbing Mount Rainer, August 2000

California’s High Sierras, June 2000

Skiing Most Eligible Bachelor: Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor, February 2000

The Sky’s the Limit: Big Sky in Montana, February 2000

Cross Country Skiing in Montana: At Loose With the Moose at the Bar B, December 1999

Go Baroque Drinking Beer in Brussels, October 1999

Kauai’s Shave Ice & Spectacular Sights, August 1999

Saas Fee Hiking: Switzerland, June 1999

Northern California Discoveries, April 1999

Sledging, Trains and James Bond: Switzerland’s Jungfrau and Zermatt, February 1999

Molokai: Cowboying to Kayaking, December 1998

Hiking the Pueblos: Southeastern Oregon’s Desert, October 1998

Hiking Offa’s Dyke: Wales’ Mystical Path, August 1998

Paddling the Taos Box: New Mexico’s Rio Grande, June 1998

Scaling a Peak in Switzerland’s Rugged Alps, April 1998

A Leap of Faith: Bungee Jumping, Canyoning and Rafting in Switzerland, February 1998

Dance Hosts Cruise for Fun, January 1998

Living Easy at Skoki Lodge: Backcountry Skiing near Lake Louise, December 1997

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