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MAY/JUNE, 2018 Vol 22 , No. 3  
Lynn Rosen, Content Editor; Steve Giordano, Web Editor


Branson giant rollercoaster
by Yvette Cardozo

I’m not sure what I expected to find in Branson, MO. I knew about its strong faith-based focus, its patriotism, and its hordes of Midwesterners.

And not much else.

What I didn’t expect was the foot-stomping fun, the quality of the shows, the sweetness of it all.



Ship's wheel

In my 30 years of seeking out and enjoying small local museums - the ones with no money to operate but succeed on small donations and large love - the Whatcom Maritime Heritage Museum is a special find. It meets my standards of:

1) Hard to find - tucked away on the main floor of the Bellingham Cruise Terminal at 355 Harris Ave. in Fairhaven

Mark Twain mural

by Lee Juillerat

It was just a routine physical. I listened to my doctor in disbelief. "You have Type II diabetes," he announced. "You can go ahead with your Alaska cruise next week. It's your choice. You can enjoy all the ice cream, fine wines, gourmet food, and irresistible desserts -- or lose weight and save your pancreas. In fact, you must lose weight immediately."


Alcatraz Island from the air



Idyllwild painted deer



Seaplane on foggy coast


by Lynn Rosen

by Susan Cohn

Seaplane Adventure over San Francisco Bay
Brad Hathaway


The Birdman of Alcatraz, Al Capone, The Rock, the Native American Occupation, dangerous escapes - Alcatraz has had countless headlines, numerous books, and many movies - 12 so far - over the decades since it opened as a federal penitentiary in 1934. Lynn Rosen takes us on a trip to this iconic island in San Francisco Bay.

It’s not unusual to spot a herd of colorful deer right in the center of Idyllwild, the famously art-hearted small town in the mountains above Palm Springs. Not your ordinary deer, mind you, but 22 fabulously painted aluminum bucks, does and fawns, each decorated to reflect a part of Idyllwild’s history (the Native American legend of the spirit-demon Tahquitz) or activities (rock-climbing) or events (Jazz in the Pines).



Our flight was scheduled at a time when the tides were low on Richardson Bay - one of the sub-bays of the greater San Francisco Bay. The plane's floats sat directly on the mud, but our pilot assured us that we would slide over the slippery surface to reach deeper water for takeoff.








Fire lookout Mount Heybrook
Review of Amber Casali's Hiking Washington's Fire Lookouts
by Steve Giordano




Getting to Desolation Peak, so you can see what Jack Kerouac saw in 1956, is mapped out as a featured hike in Amber Casali's new book Hiking Washington's Fire Lookouts. On nearly eight pages of maps, hiking details, campgrounds on the route, and lore (even quoting Kerouac), Casali gives total and complete details of what is required of the hiker and what the hiker might expect along the route.

























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