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Flat Stanley


Lynn Rosen and Steve Giordano





Flat Stanley Sees the Deer and Meets Grandma

Remember how Flat Stanley watched through the window for days hoping he'd get to see a deer? Well he finally got to see one yesterday.

Yeah, it was exciting. He went out to sit on the deck railing for a good look and to have his picture taken. He watched and watched, but he didn't notice that it was a little bit windy. Yup - you guessed it - Flat Stanley got blown off by the wind. See?

You can't quite see it, but a deer is under the apple tree. Flat Stanley is not hurt or anything like that, so there's no emergency to rescue him. That's good, because if a human went to pick Flat Stanley up, it would scare away the deer. So he just stayed there. And watched.

Take a look at where Flat Stanley blew down from, off the deck railing and almost to the apple trees.

So he just lies there and waits for something to happen, like maybe the deer will finish eating lunch and come closer to see what's going on.

Whoa, isn't that a deer taking a look at Flat Stanley?

It's a deer all right, but it looks like he's still hungry. It seems like deer never stop eating - apples, grass, dandelions, and blackberries - they LOVE blackberries, peeling their lips back so they don't get poked by the thorns and just plucking one blackberry at a time with their teeth. Pretty smart if you ask me. I never saw a dog do that. Or a cat.

Uh oh, the deer's thinking about Flat Stanley again. Cool.

Oh dear, the deer's walking away. Maybe he figured Flat Stanley wouldn't be good to eat or something.

Yup, the deer's gone. Oh well. It was fun though, watching the deer up pretty close. Flat Stanley's going to have good memories of that day, you bet!

So, what to do now? "Hey," Flat Stanley thinks, "what about those blackberries? Thorns won't bother me any." Good idea. There he is, loving the blackberries, happy as a clam.

After such a busy day, Flat Stanley was ready for a good dinner. Gonna have some fresh oysters from the place down on a Puget Sound beach. Fresh corn from Joe's Gardens. Some salad. "Hey! No flat beans?" Yes, of course, flat beans for Flat Stanley for sure - they're cooking in that big pot.

And look, Grandma and Grandpa came over for dinner too. They'd never get any fresh oysters and flat beans at their retirement home, so they LOVE to come over for dinner. And Grandma knew all about Flat Stanley. She didn't, most of her life, but a friend of hers with about a dozen grandchildren had ALL the Flat Stanley books. She talked all about Flat Stanley and even sent Grandma some books. And do you know what Grandma did with the books?

Of course, she mailed them to her GREAT grandson way over in Wales, next to England.

That Flat Stanley sure does get around!


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