Rainbow over Napili Bay

by Lynn Rosen, Editor


We at High On Adventure continue to live with the fact that life has changed for all of us over this past difficult year. According to CDC standards, the coronavirus has basically shut down travel across the globe. In our world of adventure travel, plans are either on hold, have been amended or cancelled. Even local travel has been restricted and today’s adventures consist of going to the pharmacy or grocery, a walk or bike ride, a Zoom meeting for an exercise class or Happy Hour with friends and family.

The New York Times has cancelled its print version of their Travel section as they felt it was “out of step.” But instead of canceling our publication, we will continue to bring you some of our recent adventures along with some relevant stories that address our current circumstances in the hopes that our brave and stunning writers can bring you information to make your present travel disruptions more manageable and your future travel plans richer and more sensible and secure.

We have begun to share some past travel experiences, including adventures taken before the COVID-19 shutdown. A number of our writers have shared their crisis experiences as well. With the advent of the promising new vaccines, we all hope that Travel can resume again in the near future.

At press time, we know that the COVID-19 situation is still unfolding. We hope that our stories bring you some armchair travel delights and prepare you for whatever roadblocks you might encounter along your highways. Meanwhile, stay home, be well, wear your masks when you must go out, and wash those paws. We’ll be back again in March when we all hope we can be closer to safely going out and exploring a bit farther from home.