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Ten years ago on the side of the road in Huntsville, Utah
Story and photos by Steve Giordano

High on Adventure, November 2019


Shooting Star Saloon exterior
Wonders await us in the Shooting Star Saloon, a good place to refresh at the end of a long day.

Shooting Star Saloon St. Bernard on wall
Whoa! What's that on the wall above the bashful hamburger-eaters?
It's a stuffed head, but can that be a dog? The light's not too good, so...

Shooting Star Saloon stuffed St. Bernard
...a flash picture helps, and it IS a dog, a St. Bernard.
The story is it was the 300-pound beloved pet of the saloon's owner.
I think I've seen everything now.

Shooting Star Saloon Carol the bartender
Here's Carol. She's worked the bar for 35 years,
and it looks like she's got the job down pat—these guys are happy customers.

Shooting Star Saloon menu
What's to eat in the Shooting Star Saloon? Burgers. Some chips.
That's it, burgers and chips (and beer), but they're the best hamburgers west of at least the Mississippi.

Shooting Star Saloon eating a burger
See for yourself - have you ever seen anyone love a hamburger with more relish?

Shooting Star Saloon locals
OK, here's a lesson to be learned: these are locals. Most of them are wearing watch caps and gimme hats.
See what they're doing? They're sitting around a big table talking and laughing
and enjoying each other's company.

Shooting Star Saloon tourists
These are NOT locals. They're tourists. You can tell because none of them are
wearing watch caps or gimme hats, and they're NOT sitting down enjoying each other's company.
They're fidgety, wandering around taking pictures of things.

Shooting Star Saloon moose shot
She's taking a picture of a guy holding a beer to the lips of a moose head on the wall. Go figure.

Shooting Star Saloon  shooting the ceiling
Shooting Star Saloon money ceiling

This guy's taking pictures of the ceiling.
What's the point?

Dollar bills with names and stuff written on them, markers of people who have been there over the years.
And the saloon's been there since 1879.

Shooting Star Saloon pool shoot
This guy is a tourist trying to masquerade as a professional photographer.
It looks like he's shooting something, uh, artistic.

Shooting Star Saloon pool shoot
Uh oh, he got something started. Everyone wants to be an artistic photographer.

Shooting Star Saloon pool shoot
It's obviously a very artistic subject.

Shooting Star Saloon pool shoot
OK, this is pushing things too far. I can't hang with this crowd so I'm outta here.

Shooting Star Saloon stuffed St. Bernard
But first, a last admiring look at what must have been a most magnificent St. Bernard.

Shooting Star Saloon night exterior
A nighttime farewell to the Shooting Star.

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