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Getting There: A wide variety of commercial and charter airlines fly to the Hawaii Islands, including the islands of Oahu, Maui and Hawaii. Some of the major carriers are United, Northwest, and Hawaiian airlines. Web site links and phone numbers can be found in this site's Airlines page. Flights to and from Molokai are by inter-island and charter planes, including Aloha and Hawaiian airlines.

Staying There: A variety of condos and resort accommodations are available. Molokai Ranch guests stay at one of three campgrounds with tentalows or yurts. Rates are inclusive and include three meals a day, snacks, maid service, transportation on ranch land, airport-ranch transfers, and a choice of daily activities. Horseback activities are inclusive for guests at Paniolo Camp only and available to guests at Kolo Cliff and Kaupoa Beach camps for an additional charge. Internet links for accommodations can be found below. Recommended guides for staying on Molokai, as well as other islands in the Hawaiian chain are Fodor's Hawaii and Frommer's Hawaii. These and other guidebooks are available through the Travel Bookstore.

Hawaii Islands

Fast Facts: Molokai is called "the last Hawaiian island" because of its lack of commercialism. The island has about 7,000 residents, and about as many cattle. Ecotourism at the Molokai Ranch is designed to attract people seeking a vacation in a less touristy environment. The ranch also is especially alluring for people seeking active recreational vacations.

Additional Suggested Reading:

Molokai Notes, by Meg and Todd Cranston-Cuebas;
Molokai: An Island in Time, by Richard Cooke;
Na Paniolo o Hawaii, by Lynn Martin;
Paniolo, by Joseph Brennan;
Kalaupapa and the Legacy of Father Damien, by Anwei Skinsnes Law and Richard A. Wisniewski;
Holy Man: Father Damien of Molokai, by Gavan Daws.

Useful WWW links and telephone numbers:

Molokai Mule Rides: or e-mail at muleman@aloha.net,  or toll-free at (800) 567-7550.
Molokai Online: Events, accommodations, shops, on-island travel, etc.
Molokai Map
Visit Molokai: History, culture, activities, events, etc.
Molokai Virtural Tour: includes a directory of categorized Molokai Web sites

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