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MARCH-APRIL, 2015 Vol 19 , No. 2  Lynn Rosen, Content Editor; Steve Giordano, Web Editor

  Bardarbunga eruption

Iceland Volcano-Bardarbunga: Fiery Bowels of New Earth Being Born
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly directly over a violently erupting volcano in Iceland, the land of ice and fire, doesn’t present itself every day. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance? Fly with us over Bardarbunga, Iceland’s most recent significant active, belching volcano, and stare in awe into the fiery bowels of the earth. Story, video and photos by Lynn Rosen....more

  Virgin Atlantic upper class bed

Virgin Atlantic Food, by Yvette Cardozo

Some people (those in upper classes and, also the coach folk on international flights) still get meals aboard an airplane these days. But have you ever wondered just how that food gets to them? Or how airlines deal with the 30% kill factor of our taste buds in the air. Or cultural differences. And so much...more

  Durango map

Heavenly Skiing at Purgatory's Durango Mountain Resort, Colorado, by Larry Turner

I love skiing fast and riding the fall line so Purgatory's heaven fit my ski style well. I drank it up on such runs as Zinfandel, Deadspike and Nirvana....more


  Quebec City Parliament

Winter Fun in Quebec, by Vicki Hoefling Andersen

For starters, Quebec City hosts the biggest winter carnival in the world. Nearby you will find dog sledding, snowshoeing, major ski resorts, snowmobiling, ice climbing, sugar shacks, and an ice hotel....more

  Venice gondolas

Wanderings in Venice; solving the pedestrian puzzle, by Lee Juillerat

As I'd learned the day before, traveling Venice's pinball wizard amalgamation of concrete and watery passages is akin to navigating a video game or complex corn maze filled with false starts and stops....more

  Trains matter cap

Leisure Rail: National Train Day, by Ted and Sylvia Blishak

National Train Day, with the theme "Trains Matter", celebrates its eighth year on May 9th 2015 with the aim of sharing information about the advantages of traveling by rail to the general public....more

  Sculptural fountain

Stockholm, a Capital City on the Water, By Brad Hathaway

While an hour cruise to the east onto Lake Maleran was fun, a longer voyage to the west was a thrill. Stockholm is located at the most protected spot of an archipelago of more than 24,000 islands scattered over the 50 miles between Stockholm and the Baltic Seas....more


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