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   Romantic Road, Germany   

Getting There: Depending on your U.S. departing city, airlines to Frankfurt (FRA, Frankfurt International Airport) include American, Delta, Lufthansa, SAS, and United. Airlines to Munich (MUC, Franz Josef Strauss Airport) include Delta, KLM, Lufthansa, Northwest, SAS, Swissair, and United. The 800 phone numbers to these airlines and flight-finding Web links can be found in High On Adventure’s Airlines page.

The Romantic Road is an enjoyable auto route and has the added bonus of passing through some of Germany’s most rural countryside. Major car rental agencies in Frankfurt and Munich include Auto Europe, Europe By Car, and Hertz, which also have 800 phone numbers listed in the Autos page. A complete map of the Romantic Road is available at the tourist offices in Frankfurt and Munich.

An excellent alternative to driving is to take the bus from Frankfurt or Munich. A Europabus tour starts each morning from both cities, traveling the Romantic Road with stops in the major towns and ending in the opposite city of Munich or Frankfurt. You can arrange to debark at any of the town stops and continue travels on another day. The buses also include provisions for packing of bicycles. The entire bus trip takes approximately 11 hours, including rest stops at several of the towns. An alternative bus route extends further south to the Bavarian Alps at Fussen. You can reserve a seat (although reservations are generally not required) and inquire as to the schedules at Deutsche Touring GmbH, Telephone (069) 7 90 32 56, Fax (069) 7 90 32 19. If you have a Eurail pass, the use of the Europabus for the Romantic Road is included.

Staying There: There are a number of B & Bs in the Romantic Road towns. You are almost always safe in arriving at a town before 4 p.m. and finding a room for the night. The rates are very reasonable, generally less than the equivalent of $50, and the opportunity to stay with a German family is well worth the experience. If you can speak German, your experience will be all the better. We find that the proprietors know enough English to cover the basics with their visitors who do not speak their language. For a good listing of B & Bs and hotels in Rothenburg as well as an excellent set of sightseeing and itinerary alternatives, see Rick Steves' Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Another good source of information on the Romantic Road is Fodor's Germany. These and other travel guides for Germany and Europe are available through the amazon.com link below. The Web site below on the Romantic Road also includes some lodging information.

Fast Facts:

The Romantic Road is actually a designated route which follows country roads extending from Wurzburg south to the foothills of the Alps. Along the route the traveler encounters incredible cultural diversity and a good dose of medieval history at the many walled towns. The beautiful surrounding countryside is filled with with farms, vineyards, rivers, and streams.

A Useful WWW sites for Rothenburg and the Romantic Road:

The Romantic Road

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